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Top Burger in Every State

Hubcap burgers at Cotham’s in Arkansas… the original burger on toast at Louis’ Lunch in Connecticut… thin, crisp-edged burgers at The Workingman’s Friend in Indiana…green chile cheeseburgers at the Buckhorn Tavern in New Mexico… these are four of the 51 burgers selected as the best in each state by Business Insider. The selections are apparently a research and compilation job, in which most of the burgers were named in a previous local media poll or competition. Nonetheless, it’s a mouthwatering project to peruse for American burger lovers.

60th Annual Wild Game Supper, Bradford VT, November 21st 2015

Fall in New England means many things, from leaf-peeping to cider-pressing, but of all the seasonal traditions one of the most intriguing is the old-time wild game supper. These are legally held by local non-profit organizations, usually fish and game clubs, churches, and volunteer fire departments. Perhaps the granddaddy of all these suppers is the one put on in Vermont by the Bradford Congregational Church. Continue reading

A Jug of Cider, a Loaf of Bread–and Thou

For us, there is nothing as seasonally evocative — not eggnog, not strawberry shortcake, not ripe fresh-from-the-tree peaches — as cold, crisp, and fragrant fresh-pressed apple cider. The cider presses have been operating for weeks now but the apples that make up the autumn elixir are always changing, depending on what the trees are offering. Right now, cider is at its best. As Cider Hill Farm of Amesbury, Massachusetts says, “October and November ciders pick up the fruitiest, deepest, and most complex flavors.” Continue reading

Best French Fries in Every State

Some people like burgers, some prefer dogs, others choose a fish sandwich, if given the choice. But almost everyone gets an order of fries to go with. For many of us, even not-so-great fries are good enough, especially if they’ll be dragged through ketchup. Truly great fries, usually fried twice from freshly cut potatoes, are a rare and thrilling treat, however. Business Insider presents the best French fries in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Have a look!

The Dorset Farmers Market, Dorset VT


We’re suckers for farmers markets, both at home and when we travel. We love to cook, so when we’re home we focus on the just-picked produce piled in colorfully billowing mounds on the tables and in baskets. We love to eat, so when we travel, we wistfully ogle the fresh fruit and veggies but focus our serious attention on the local cheeses, breads, wines, juices, pastries, and prepared foods. Continue reading

Mio Bistro, Dorset VT


Chef Leo LeDoux’s menu utilizes an assortment of locally produced products, wild seafood, and antibiotic-free meats, prepared in whatever manner strikes his fancy. You’ll find plenty of Asian and Mediterranean influences as well as traditional comfort foods such as French onion soup and pasta and meatballs. Fresh vegetables abound. It’s a clean, pure, and vibrant cuisine that impresses more with freshness and quality ingredients than in-your-face excess. Continue reading

Up for Breakfast, Manchester Center VT


Like many other folks who visit Vermont, we like to stay in inns and B&Bs. That presents a major obstacle to dining at places like Up for Breakfast, which really only serves breakfast. It stays open until 12:30 p.m. during the week and 1:30 p.m. on weekends, so your best bet if you want to enjoy both your inn breakfast and Up for Breakfast is to try to hit the restaurant on the weekend. Have an early breakfast at the inn, then plan for a second, lunchtime breakfast here. But weekends are also the busiest time for the upstairs eatery, so put your name on the waiting list about an hour before you’d like to dine. Continue reading

Thai Basil, Manchester Center VT


Traditional New England cuisine has a lot to recommend it but whether you’re talking about jonnycakes or Indian pudding, lobster rolls or Anadama bread, clam chowder or baked beans , one thing it’s not is spicy and vibrant. Not that we’re complaining, mind you, but the modern American palate accustomed to the cuisines of Asia may find itself in need of the occasional jolt. And that’s where Thai Basil enters the picture. Continue reading

LAF in the A.M. January 29th, 2015

A Morning Menu of LAF-Style Food News and Stories to Begin Your Day


Kelly’s Roast Beef of MA Stayed Open During Blizzard

Giordano’s Planning More Indiana Pizzerias

Learn All about Texas Kolaches from a Texas Senator

America’s Top 21 Diners

Continue reading

Dorset Union Store, Dorset VT


The Dorset Union Store was started in 1816 as a member-owned cooperative. Then-owner Perry Peltier changed the name to Peltier’s in 1955. When the current owners purchased the store in 2007, the name reverted back to its original Dorset Union Store. We like the ring of it. We also like how the store has achieved a perfect balance between old and new. Continue reading

The Dorset Inn, Dorset VT


What are you looking for from your visit to Vermont? A beautiful, small, old town? Dorset was founded in 1761; today it’s postcard-ready. A cozy old inn? The Dorset Inn first opened in 1796. Good New England food? The current menu at the restaurant in The Dorset Inn features chicken pot pie, turkey croquettes, locally smoked meats and cheeses from local farms, and cheesecake made by nuns a few miles to the east of Dorset. You can enjoy all this beside a roaring fire in an 18th-century dining room.
Continue reading

Brasserie L’Oustau de Provence, Manchester Center VT


We’re impressed: Brasserie L’Oustau de Provence does reasonably capture much of the French brasserie experience. The bright, country-French Provencal-styled restaurant hits most of the old French country classics; this is not the spot for cutting edge cuisine. That’s not what a brasserie is about. Continue reading

Dellveneri’s Bakery, Rutland VT


Dellveneri’s is an inconspicuous neighborhood bakery about a block off Rutland’s main north-south drag. The Sunday morning we showed up there wasn’t much other than doughnuts for sale (and some great-looking bakery pizza), but those doughnuts looked good. Three of the four doughnuts we tried were just OK, superior to Dunkin’ but not LAF-worthy. That fourth doughnut, however, was special. Continue reading

Checking In at: Long Trail Brewing Co., Bridgewater Corners VT

We stopped by Long Trail Brewing about ten minutes west of Woodstock for a couple of brews. Our beer photos were poor so all we have to post are shots of the good hummus-like white bean dip and the mammoth serving of French fries, which we should be ashamed to admit to finishing. But it’s not for the food that we note Long Trail. Continue reading

The Wild Fern, Stockbridge VT


The hours are brief and variable, the menu limited (and, likewise, variable), so it’ll take at least a little forethought and checking to pay The Wild Fern a visit. The small effort required, however, will be more than repaid, for this is one of the most unique restaurants in Vermont. Calling it a restaurant, in fact, doesn’t feel quite right, because it’s about as close as you can get to stepping into someone’s personal vision (that of Heather Lynne) without actually trespassing. Her blog states, “No Hostile Vibrations!” Yes, you have entered Crunchy Vermont. Continue reading

Checking In at: School Street Bistro, Rochester VT

School Street Bistro opened at the end of 2012 in the space formerly occupied by The Village Porch. School Street almost looks like just another house in Rochester, save for all the people dining on the extensive porch. Eugenie Smith, who used to manage The Porch, runs the front of the house while husband Brent is the chef. Together, they lease the restaurant from the owners of the former Village Porch. Continue reading

Cloudland Farm, North Pomfret VT


Here’s our idea of a perfect Vermont evening: we first drive to Lebanon, New Hampshire, pick up a growler or two of Dooryard Cider from Farnum Hill Ciders, then drive north of Woodstock, towards Pomfret, on winding dirt roads through the forest until we reach Cloudland Farm. We arrive earlier than our reservation so, on a pleasant summer evening, we sit in rockers on the porch as the kind folks at Cloudland bring us glasses. Continue reading

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