Every good-sized town, in the Northeast at least, needs a dependable diner. Not one of those new-fangled upscale diners with real-restaurant culinary aspirations (though those are fine in their own way), but a regular Joe kind of place, where one can enjoy burgers and club sandwiches, meatloaf and liver and onions, and, best of all, breakfast all day. The food need not dazzle; all that’s necessary is competence and reasonable cleanliness. It’s not, admittedly, a high bar, yet you might be surprised (or not) at how few diners measure up.

You can’t get more basic in a diner than scrambled eggs with home fries and wheat toast.

Rochester’s 43-year-old Peppermill is one such diner. From the outside, it appears to be more family restaurant than diner, but step inside and peruse the menu. It’s a diner, alright. It was once a 24/7 diner until Kodak scaled back their Flower City operations, obviating the need to service third shift workers. They’re still open seven days for any meal you might desire and, of course, if the eatery is open, breakfast is served.

Breakfast all day!

All the standards are here, from pancakes to French toast to eggs all ways. This isn’t food to knock you off you seat. Nothing will grab your attention, either positively or, thankfully for a place like this, negatively. It’s all fine and, sometimes, just fine is what we’re looking for. This is a Greek/American diner, so the lunch and dinner standards are supplemented by the occasional Greek specialty like souvlaki, gyros, and Greek salads.

There’s no need to make a special trip to The Peppermill but if you’re in the area it’s nice to have a place like this in your back pocket.

1776 Dewey Avenue
Rochester NY 14615
The Peppermill Restaurant’s Website
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BEST THING TO EAT: Biscuits and gravy