We ordinarily restrict ourselves to the liquid refreshments at brewpubs. It’s not that we think brewpub food is bad, per se, it’s just that there’s usually more interesting things to eat elsewhere. We’re glad to have broken free from our usual habit at Buck Hill, however, as we were afforded the opportunity to indulge ourselves with the Fat Buck Fries. This poutine cousin tops fries with beer-braised brisket, cheddar and mozzarella, and beer gravy. Not only does it supply you with your minimum daily requirements for calories for the day, it’s also dizzily delicious.

Today’s soup of the day: pureed butternut squash with cream and nutmeg, topped with chopped pecans.

The Thanksgiving-ready soup of the day today was a silky butternut squash, cream, and nutmeg puree garnished with chopped pecans. No, it’s not just wings, fries, and burgers at Buck Hill (though they’re available as well). That poutine brisket also finds its way into a brisket cheese steak, and if you want to get even more serious, there are grownup-priced entrees like short rib ragout and Portuguese shrimp and rice.

Clusterfluff Cream Ale and Truth Serum British Pale Ale

The beer? It’s swell! And we loved our doll of a bartender. Buck Hill is about a ten-mute drive off of I-80, just a bit short of the Pennsylvania border if you’re heading west.

Good beer AND good food in North Jersey

45 SR-94
Blairstown NJ 07825
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