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Cayenne, Habanero, ghost peppers, and Reaper peppers — they all work together to give Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen‘s Boomshakalaka Nashville chicken its top-of-the-line jolt. Not a masochist? She’s got six levels of heat to choose from, all the way down to no heat at all (Southern-style). They’ve been operating in soft-open mode for the last couple of weeks but the big day is tomorrow, Friday, June 17th: the grand opening of Carla Hall’s culinary ode to Nashville hot chicken. Continue reading

Must Peter Luger’s Website Be Accessible to the Blind?

We admit our immediate reaction to the story was to look for The Onion‘s byline. But, no, it’s legit: Peter Luger, the iconic Brooklyn, NY steakhouse, is being sued by a blind woman who wanted to place an order (they ship uncooked steaks and more by mail) and could not because the website is not blind accessible. While reading The Daily News’ story, we learned a little about websites and the blind and came away not quite as certain about the just outcome as we were minutes earlier. Continue reading

“Pizza, A Love Story” – Movie About New Haven Pizza Due Out in 2016

Last year we had Deli Man, a movie about Jewish delis, and Famous Nathan, a film about the founding of Nathan’s in Coney Island, NY. In production for release this year is Pizza, A Love Story, which will tell the story of pizza in New Haven, CT, focusing on the big three: Pepe’s, Sally’s, and Modern. We’re excited! Have a look at the first trailer (is that actual footage of Frank Pepe kneading the dough??? Sure looks like him!): Continue reading

A Brooklyn Love Letter to Nashville

If Nashville hot chicken is your passion, and you live in NYC, you’re in luck because, come February, Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen will be serving their signature spicy fried bird in Brooklyn. Carla Hall’s description of her new restaurant: “a slow-cooked, fast-served neighborhood eatery serving up old-fashioned southern comfort goodness.” Hot chicken is the star but the menu will feature much more from the Southern kitchen. Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen is already dishing up hot chicken and sides at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center arena; the real restaurant will be found at 115 Columbia Street, between the Red Hook and Cobble Hill neighborhoods.

Love in 2015 for Archie’s Waeside of Iowa

Looking to try the best steaks across America? Then you’d better plan a stop in Le Mars, Iowa to visit Archie’s Waeside. Archie’s hasn’t exactly lived its 60+ years in anonymity — it’s well-known among regional food aficionados — but neither has it been as readily acknowledged nationally as, say, Peter Luger in Brooklyn, NY. That situation, apparently, is being corrected. This year, Archie’s was the recipient of a James Beard American Classic Award. Rachael Ray selected it as America’s fourth best steakhouse. And Yahoo! recently named it the best steak in Iowa. What Archie Jackson started in 1949 is finally receiving the love it deserves. And Iowans are proud.

A Traditional Jewish Christmas

From the perspective of American Jews, two important things happen on Christmas: one, most people are home celebrating with family. This means that movie theaters, which do not generally close for the holiday, are devoid of crowds. Two, most restaurants are closed for Christmas, but Chinese restaurants usually remain open. And so a Jewish Christmas was born: Chinese food and a movie out!  Lately, newfangled Jewish delis have joined in the fun by presenting Chinese Christmas meals. We know of two delis that put out a Chinese spread for the holiday: Continue reading

65¢ Cheesecake Today at Junior’s of Brooklyn, NY!

We’ve enjoyed Junior’s famous Brooklyn cheesecake for decades, so imagine our delight when the 65-year-old deli moved their cheesecake baking operations to Burlington, NJ, just a short hop down the interstate for us. And, yes, they have a factory store on site. For those who don’t live in central Jersey, all day today Junior’s original location in Brooklyn will celebrate their 65th anniversary by offering slices of plain cheesecake for 65 cents (regular price is $6.95)! The offer is for eat-in or take-out, and an entrée purchase is required for eat-in only. Stop by today to help them celebrate, and get yourself a true slice of New York history at a bargain price.

A Judge’s Eye View of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

“The hot-dog contest is a physical manifestation of the concept of freedom.” Those are the words of George Shea, the man behind the annual 4th of July Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, New York. Have you ever heard a bigger pile of horseshit in your life? (Well, election season is upon us, so sure you have, but you get the point.) We love the spirit nonetheless! Ken Hoffman, who has been a judge at the contest for 10 years, takes a backstage look at this Independence Day tradition, from the highs (free dogs and fries for judges) to the lows (getting splashed when a contestant experiences what is euphemistically referred to as “reversal of fortune”). Celebrate America and have a read.

Not Grilling? Head out for the Best Dogs and Burgers

Not everyone will be grilling this holiday weekend, but most everyone will still want to partake in the 4th of July tradition of burgers and dogs. Larry Olmsted, writing for USA Today, surveys his favorite spots in America to consume beef and pork in disc and tube form, from the site of the annual Independence Day hot dog eating contest, Nathan’s of Coney Island, NYC (though we quibble with his description of Nathan’s dogs as “better-than-average but not-quite-great.” If you get a Nathan’s frank in natural casing — the casing’s important —  you are enjoying one of the world’s greatest dogs) to Santa Fe Bite‘s (yes, in Santa Fe, NM) truly superlative green chile cheeseburger. Have a look.

Jacques Torres Chocolate, Brooklyn NY


If you’re on the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge, perhaps enjoying a pizza at Grimaldi’s, followed by ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, why not make it a triumvirate of treats by taking a stroll over to Jacques Torres Chocolate in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, that area of Brooklyn between the two bridges). Continue reading

Ferdinando’s Focacceria, Brooklyn NY


Palermo street-snacks in Brooklyn! Yes, in the Italian neighborhood of Carroll Gardens, Ferdinando’s serves Sicilian specialties not commonly seen on this side of the Atlantic. Continue reading

Feltman’s and Coney Island, Together Again

The story’s been told many times. In the early 1900s, a man by the name of Nathan Handwerker worked at a Coney Island restaurant called Feltman’s. Nathan left Feltman’s to open his own place in Coney Island, specializing in the new sausage invented by Mr. Feltman. He undercut his old employer, offering his “hot dogs” for half the price of Feltman’s. And the rest, as they say, is history, except that the story is always told from the point of view of Mr. Handwerker, to the point that most people with a passing knowledge of hot dog history believe the hot dog was actually invented by Nathan. Continue reading

New Chef at Seattle’s Canlis

Canlis, in its own words, is “the swankest, dressiest restaurant in Seattle.” When we dined there we were won over by the luxurious cuisine and seduced by the stunning views and caring hospitality. They’ve been open for 64 years and are about to make only their fifth chef transition, as Brady Williams, formerly of Roberta’s in Brooklyn, New York will take over the kitchen at Canlis on April 13th. Read more about Canlis’ search for a new chef, how they came to hire Mr. Williams, and how they plan to balance tradition and relevance on the menu in this Seattle Met story.

LAF in the A.M. February 7th, 2015

A Morning Menu of LAF-Style Food News and Stories to Begin Your Day


Elvis King Cake

The Cafes of Old Story WY

Is the Bar the Best Dining Seat in the House?

Sicilian Sandwiches in Brooklyn

Continue reading

LAF in the A.M. January 19th, 2015

A Morning Menu of LAF-Style Food News and Stories to Begin Your Day


The Lake Perch King of NW Indiana

Primanti in State College

Don’t Ask for Mayo on a Muffuletta! and Other Sandwich Truths

Pizza: New-School Defeats Old-School in Brooklyn

Continue reading

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Brooklyn NY


Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is one of the most understated ice cream parlors we’ve ever visited. It’s basically a counter inside a small historic old building. There’s little need for ice cream-themed razzle-dazzle inside when the stunning Brooklyn waterfront serves as an incomparable dining room outside. Continue reading

LAF in the A.M. November 14th, 2014

A Morning Menu of Stories We Think You’ll Find Interesting

Viva La Local in Tucson This Sunday

Viva La Local is returning this Sunday to Rillito Raceway Park in Tucson, Arizona. The food festival debuted in spring 2014 and was such a big hit that organizers hope to make it a twice-yearly event. There will be over 80 farmers market vendors in attendance, 25 local restaurants, and several area wineries and breweries, along with music by Tucson bands. They are offering bike valet service and will store your farmers market purchases in a refrigerated truck (be sure to tell them not to refrigerate your tomatoes)  while you enjoy the festival! Proceeds go to help support the Heirloom Farmers Market. Continue reading

LAF in the A.M. November 11th, 2014

A Morning Menu of Stories We Think You’ll Find Interesting

World Famous St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship

St. Elmo Steak House, an Indianapolis landmark since 1902, is famed for their jumbo shrimp cocktail with explosive cocktail sauce. We’ve had it and, yes, it’s everything they say it is. But nine pounds of it in eight minutes? That’s what Joey Chestnut did last year to set a world record and win the World Famous St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship. This year’s event takes place on December 6th, and Joey Chestnut will be on hand to defend his title. Read the details here. Continue reading

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