From the perspective of American Jews, two important things happen on Christmas: one, most people are home celebrating with family. This means that movie theaters, which do not generally close for the holiday, are devoid of crowds. Two, most restaurants are closed for Christmas, but Chinese restaurants usually remain open. And so a Jewish Christmas was born: Chinese food and a movie out!  Lately, newfangled Jewish delis have joined in the fun by presenting Chinese Christmas meals. We know of two delis that put out a Chinese spread for the holiday:

Jewish Christmas menu at Mile End in NY

Jewish Christmas menu at Mile End in NY

Mile End in New York City presents a Traditional Jewish Christmas for Christmas Eve dinner, and lunch and dinner on the day itself. On the $65/person menu you’ll find such Jewish/Chinese mashups as Smoked Meat Poutine Dumplings with spicy mustard (Mile End is a Montreal-style deli) and corned wings garnished to the hilt. They sell out so make your reservation ASAP.

DGS Delicatessen's Chinese Xmas menu

DGS Delicatessen’s Chinese Xmas menu

At DGS Delicatessen in Washington DC, the Chinese Xmas menu will be presented tonight, the 23rd. Here you’ll dine on rye noodles with red braised oxtail and pastrami spiced Peking duck. The dinner is $50/person. The bad news: they are already sold out. The good news: they are holding some tables for walk-ins, you can dine at the bar first-come, first-served, and you can be put on the wait list for cancellations. Give them a call.