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Gino’s East Bringing Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza to Texas

So what is it with Texas’ infatuation with Chicago edibles? Not only is Al’s #1 Italian Beef coming to Dallas but Gino’s East, Windy City deep-dish pizza specialist, is opening their first branches outside of the Chicago region this year, in the Lone Star State. The four pizzerias will be located in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and the Houston suburbs. Like the Al’s restaurants, they will be franchises. Word is the pizzerias will add Texas barbecue pizza to the menu. Can Garrett’s be far behind?

Gino’s East’s Website
Gino’s East on Facebook


  1. Chris Ayers

    This is awesome! Texans are probably familiar with deep-dish pies already via Pizzeria Uno, though the franchises are mere shades of the original.

    • Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

      To put it mildly. I imagine the Gino’s East franchises, at least initially, will be far superior to Uno.

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