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Gino’s East Dallas Debut on Thursday

The first Dallas area branch of the Chicago deep dish pizza chain Gino’s East arrived earlier this year in Arlington. This Thursday, November 19th, will see the opening of the first Gino’s East in Dallas proper, at 10310 Lombardy Lane. This will be the seventh Texas Gino’s East. Other branches can be found near Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Like the other Texas Gino’s, we expect this one will be serving their unique BBQ Brisket Za filled with BBQ brisket, caramelized onions, and roasted peppers.

San Antonio Breakfast Taco Madness Bracket

If you know San Antonio, Texas well you may want to take part in the San Antonio Madness breakfast taco bracket assembled by If you don’t know San Antonio well enough to participate, but plan to visit at some point, you might want to use the bracket as a way to scout out your future San Antonio breakfasts. They’ve already eliminated the first 16 entrants, and Round Two voting is taking place today.

LAF in the A.M. February 27th, 2015

A Morning Menu of LAF-Style Food News and Stories to Begin Your Day


Meatless Fridays in San Antonio

Another Favorable Review of Deli Man

Chicago Fire in Texas

40 Great Minnesota Food Experiences

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LAF in the A.M. November 13th, 2014

A Morning Menu of Stories We Think You’ll Find Interesting

Behind the Scenes at VT’s Simon Pearce Restaurant

Brian Gazda became the Executive Chef at the restaurant at Simon Pearce Glass in Quechee, Vermont in June 2013. The local newspaper Valley News spends time with Chef Gazda as he works with the restaurant’s staff to prepare for a day’s service. Continue reading

LAF in the A.M. October 28th, 2014

A Morning Menu of Stories We Think You’ll Find Interesting

Less Than $10 in NYC: 7 Finds

New York City is notorious for finding ways to separate you from your money, especially when it comes to dining out. But it is possible to find bargains, if you look hard enough, or start with a crib sheet. And that’s where this story from Wall St. Cheat Sheet comes in. They’ve found seven spots to dine well for under $10, from Chinese dumplings to falafel to tacos to the burgers at The Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien. Check it out. Continue reading

Gino’s East Bringing Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza to Texas

So what is it with Texas’ infatuation with Chicago edibles? Not only is Al’s #1 Italian Beef coming to Dallas but Gino’s East, Windy City deep-dish pizza specialist, is opening their first branches outside of the Chicago region this year, in the Lone Star State. The four pizzerias will be located in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and the Houston suburbs. Like the Al’s restaurants, they will be franchises. Word is the pizzerias will add Texas barbecue pizza to the menu. Can Garrett’s be far behind? Continue reading

14 Great Tacos in San Antonio

San Antonio, TX loves tacos. A lot. And the taco competition is fierce. The San Antonio Current asked their readers for suggestions on where to find the best tacos in town, and the Current culled 14 of the finest from the long list of favorites. Taco Taco, whose puffy tacos are pictured above, is one of the 14. Check out the full list. It’ll come in handy during your next visit to the Alamo. Continue reading

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