There are many signature Chicago street foods but our favorite, hands down, is the Italian beef. Thinly shaved beef is plucked from a trough of garlicky jus and laid in a fresh Italian roll. Hot? That’s spicy giardiniera, a chopped vegetable condiment. Sweet? Sweet red peppers. Dipped? They  immerse the entire sandwich in the juice! We’ll take a beef, hot, sweet, and dipped.

Al’s #1 Italian Beef is one of Chicago’s go-to spots for the sandwich, and the good news for Texans is that they’re coming to Dallas. The first one is opening in November in Addison. Four more Al’s are planned for the Dallas area. Al’s, leveraging their spokesperson Mike Ditka, is positioning themselves to open branches in NFL cities across the country. Advice for newbies when eating it: assume the stance and save a shirt!

5000 Belt Line Road
Addison TX 75254
Al’s #1 Italian Beef’s Website
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