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14 Great Tacos in San Antonio

San Antonio, TX loves tacos. A lot. And the taco competition is fierce. The San Antonio Current asked their readers for suggestions on where to find the best tacos in town, and the Current culled 14 of the finest from the long list of favorites. Taco Taco, whose puffy tacos are pictured above, is one of the 14. Check out the full list. It’ll come in handy during your next visit to the Alamo.

Taco Taco Cafe
145 East Hildebrand
San Antonio TX 78212
Taco Taco’s Website
Taco Taco on Facebook


  1. Chris Ayers

    What, no love for Taco House on San Pedro? Blasphemy.

    • Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

      Have you guys ever done a taco roundup of San Antonio?

      • Chris Ayers

        We’ve never stayed long enough to stray from our favorites! But that is a great idea…

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