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Bauder’s Pharmacy of Des Moines Permitted to Stay Open

After threatening to revoke the pharmacy license of Bauder’s Pharmacy of Des Moines, Iowa, the Iowa Board of Pharmacy has renewed their license. Former owner and pharmacist Mark Graziano began serving a sentence at Leavenworth on Sunday for selling addictive painkillers on the side. He sold his half of the business to his sister, Kim Robertson, but the ruling says his sister can no longer be the pharmacist in charge. Ms. Robertson is facing administrative charges of her own. Mark Graziano, convicted drug felon, still owns the nationally famous soda fountain half of the business, which is the part of the business that most interests us.

LAF in the A.M. February 22nd, 2015

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LAF in the A.M. November 5th, 2014

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Publican Sausage On Shake Shack Chicago Menu

When Shake Shack enters a new market they always select some quality local ingredients for their menu. We noted previously how, in Chicago, they are offering concretes made with Chicago’s Bang Bang Pie and Glazed & Infused doughnuts, and they are also offering Vienna Beef hot dogs. There are two other local twists on the menu. Another concrete incorporates a chocolate bar made with Hawaiian black sea salt, burnt sugar caramel, and 70% cacao dark chocolate, from Chicago’s high-end chocolatier Vosges Haut-Chocolat. And there’s a Publican Pork Sausage, made by Chicago’s Publican Quality Meats, a high-quality butcher and lunch spot. The sausage is topped with Shack’s cheese sauce and crispy-fried, ale-marinated shallots. The Chicago Shack opened yesterday. Continue reading

LAF in the A.M. November 3rd, 2014

Gold and Fried Chicken

The Smith House in Dahlonega, Georgia is an inn with a history. The house was built atop a vein of gold that remained unmined because the 19th-century town fathers did not want the noise and disturbance to the town that mining would bring. Today, The Smith House is famous for the generous feasts they put out daily. You might want to give some thought to spending your Thanksgiving here, when The Smith House pulls out all the stops. Here’s what will be on this year’s Thanksgiving menu: Continue reading

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