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Pete’s Hot Dogs Inc., Newburgh NY


First of all, let’s ask the important question: Do you like hot dogs? We ask because, if you don’t, there’s no point in reading any further. Pete’s sells hot dogs, and only hot dogs. Oh, there are toppings to choose from and, of course, they also offer drinks. You can even nab some packaged chips or cookies if you must. But Pete’s is about the tube steak, fast and hot. They want you in and out. And they’ll get no complaints from us.

All-beef, natural casing franks garnished with mustard and relish

Pete Orsino opened this little doggery in 1932, serving dogs from a local meat-packing company. His descendants still own and operate the joint but, with the closure of their beloved hot dog source about a decade ago, they now serve the nationally available Boar’s Head dog. This is an all-beef, natural casing variety that gets heated in water, and it’s really quite good, juicy, with some snap and real flavor.

Pete’s has been a fixture in the city of Newburgh for over 80 years.

The menu above the counter lists six set-piece topping combinations: mustard and kraut; chili, described as a hot bean sauce; Texas, which gets a channel of mild meat sauce; New York, with those famous street cart red onions; mustard and raw onions; and mustard and relish. Bacon, cheese, and sliced jalapenos are also available. Of course, you can select any of those toppings in any combination.

The meat sauce goes beautifully with the dogs, the mustard is brown, and the buns are fresh. A container of chocolate milk is all you need to accompany a pair of Pete’s dogs. You can be in and out in 10 minutes. You’ll be happy, the Orsinos will be happy, happy days are here again!

Note that Pete’s is closed on Sundays, and closes at 5P the rest of the week except Saturday, when they pack it in at 4P. It’s about a ten minute detour off of the New York Thruway, at exit 17.

293 South William Street
Newburgh NY12550
Pete’s Hot Dogs Inc.’s Website 



BEST THING TO EAT: Texas hot dogs


  1. Chris Ayers

    So they have meat sauce AND chili? I’ve never seen such a thing!

    • Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

      Yep, isn’t that unusual? The meat sauce tastes pretty much like what the rest of the northeast would call chili, at least the kind that goes on dogs.

  2. Chris Ayers

    That’s crazy! Then what does the chili taste like?

    • Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

      I shoulda tried it (but didn’t). It’s a bean sauce with some heat. The beans are supposedly pulverized. Sounds unique. Go figure.

      • Chris Ayers

        I’m totally going to have to go now!

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