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Wisconsin Cheese Curds: White or Yellow?

Cheese curds, those squeaky unaged nuggets of freshly made cheddar, are one of the three major food groups of Wisconsin (brats are another; the third is either frozen custard or beer, you choose). What’s the best way to eat curds? Your choices are fresh-from-the-bag, accentuating the clean, mild dairy flavor while enjoying the squeak, or breaded and fried, sacrificing squeak for crunch, best accompanied by a cold one. USA Today Network-Wisconsin has taken a look at the white versus yellow issue and discovered that there’s no difference, other than a little flavorless annatto coloring. Continue reading

Booyah: State Soup of Wisconsin?

Booyah! It sounds like the sort of fad expression Ivy League college students used to say a century and a half ago, but no siree, it’s a soup found in northeast Wisconsin. We’ve been to Wisconsin multiple times, even northeast Wisconsin at that, and left without ever having heard of much less tasted it. Our loss, apparently. The concoction, said to originate with Belgian Walloon immigrants (though that is in some dispute), is generally prepared in huge kettles, outdoors, for big public gatherings. It’s based on chicken, often supplemented by beef or pork, with plenty of vegetables including some combination of cabbage, beans, potatoes, rutabagas, carrots, and tomatoes. Continue reading

LAF in the A.M. January 7th, 2015

A Morning Menu of LAF-Style Food News and Stories to Begin Your Day


“The Steak House of St. Elmo” – Parks and Recreation

A Taste of the Real Green Bay

Every State’s Most Iconic Restaurant

Feeding Memphis

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LAF in the A.M. December 3rd, 2014

A Morning Menu of Stories We Think You’ll Find Interesting

Tom & Jerry Season

Kroll’s and The Packers

Gino’s East Arrives in Houston Next Week

14 Artisan New England Chocolates

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