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White River Fish Market Opening 2nd Outlet in Tulsa Burbs

Oklahoma would seem to be an unpromising spot for great seafood, but the White River Fish Market and Restaurant of Tulsa has it figured out. It helps that they are close by the Tulsa airport, from which all sorts of the freshest sea creatures can be brought in. Their reputation for quality goes well beyond the borders of the Sooner State but it’s their burgeoning local clientele that’s allowing them to open their first branch. The residents of Broken Arrow, a city in Tulsa’s southeast suburbs, will be the lucky recipients. Look for the seafood spot in the County Line Shopping Center at the corner of 71st and Lynn. White River’s talking about a late fall opening for the market and restaurant.

Top 10 American Steakhouses

Forget those hoary stereotypes about women’s eating preferences. The ladies love a good steak! Here are America’s ten best steakhouses courtesy of the online women’s lifestyle magazine PureWow. It’s a solid and not entirely predictable list that hits a pair of Old New York classics, Peter Luger and Keen’s, a celebrity chef spot in L.A., Cut, from Wolfgang Puck, and a trio of Midwest old-time favorites in Archie’s Waeside of Iowa, St. Elmo of Indy, and Oklahoma City’s Cattlemen’s. Have a look and argue to your heart’s content.

National Sand Bass Festival, Madill OK, June 6th through 11th 2016

The white bass (or sand bass) is the state fish of Oklahoma, and spring is the time for local anglers to catch ‘em. Madill, Oklahoma celebrates with the annual National Sand Bass Festival (“Madill’s Jumpin’ Little Summer Fest”), held this year (2016) from June 6th through the 11th. This 42nd festival, which was first held in 1963 (they sat it out from 1976 through 1987), will mostly take place downtown on the square. Continue reading

Porter Peach Festival, Porter OK, July 16th through 18th 2015

Free peaches and ice cream! Do you need any other reason to attend the 49th Porter Peach Festival in Oklahoma? The festival dates are July 16th through 18th. The peaches and cream will be handed out Saturday at 1 p.m. When it comes to peaches, that’s not all: earlier Saturday, contestants will be competing at the Porter Civic Center in the annual peach cooking contests, in the categories of cobblers, desserts, and preserves. And you’ll be able to pick your own peaches (or purchase them already picked) at Livesay Orchards. Continue reading

Huckleberry Festival, Jay OK, June 27th and July 4th (and 5th?) 2015

Ahh, the huckleberry! Anyone who has spent significant time in the Mountain States of the U.S. has surely encountered huckleberry jams, syrups, and milkshakes, and the taste is unforgettable. They look like blueberries but, as a food (as opposed to horticulturally, about which we know nothing), there are two main distinctions: they tend to be seedy, and the flavor, to us, is like a more intense combination of blueberry and blackberry. They only grow wild – all efforts to farm them have failed. While they are generally associated with the Mountain States (they are the state fruit of Idaho), plenty of huckleberries can be found elsewhere – they are abundant in New York forests, for instance. Continue reading

National Sand Bass Festival, Madill OK, June 1st through 6th 2015

The white bass (or sand bass) is the state fish of Oklahoma, and spring is the time for local anglers to catch ‘em. Madill, Oklahoma celebrates with the annual National Sand Bass Festival, held this year (2015) from June 1st through the 6th. This 41st festival, which was first held in 1963 (the festival was not held from 1976 through 1987), will mostly take place downtown on the square. There will be arts and crafts booths, a car show, a midway, a fun run, horseshoes, fishing of course (presumably not in the town square), terrapin races, food booths, and free live music. Continue reading

Stilwell Strawberry Festival, Stilwell OK, May 9th 2015

The heart of the strawberry season is upon much of America and the strawberry festivals are popping up all over! Tomorrow, Saturday, May 9th, 2015, Stillwell, Oklahoma (“The Strawberry Capital of the World”) will host their 68th annual strawberry festival. Over 30,000 folks are expected for the shindig. Continue reading

World Championship Cow Chip Throwing Contest, Beaver OK, April 11th through April 18th 2015

“When the chips are down, pick ’em up and throw ’em!” That’s the motto of the World Championship Cow Chip Throwing Contest or, as the locals refer to it, Cow Chip, held each year in Beaver, Oklahoma. This year marks the 46th annual contest. The actual cow chip throwing takes place on Saturday, April 18th, at 3 p.m., but of course there is much pomp and revelry during the week leading up to the main event. Continue reading

LAF in the A.M. February 22nd, 2015

A Morning Menu of LAF-Style Food News and Stories to Begin Your Day


Wiscasset Traffic Plans Should Not Disturb Red’s Eats

Bauder’s Owner Sentenced to 2 Years

Review of New Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Somerville NJ

Great Seafood in Tulsa? Really? Really!

Continue reading

LAF in the A.M. December 19th, 2014

A Morning Menu of LAF-Style Food News and Stories to Begin Your Day

Top 40 Food Cities in U.S.

Tulsa Lobster

How to Spend Only a Few Hours in Chicago

An Interview with Tony Luke Jr.

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City Slicker Dines In Cattle Country

Playing the part of the sophisticated urban socialite among the rough-hewn cowboys of the West, Beth J. Harpaz writes, for AP, about her visit to the estimable Cattlemen’s Steakhouse of Oklahoma City, OK. Cattlemen’s has been serving top-notch slabs of beef to ranchers, cowboys, rodeo stars, and politicians for over 100 years. Beth’s hyper-health-conscious city sensibilities balk at the thought of bacon around a filet and cheese on broccoli, and she skips the cheese, bacon, sour cream, and ice cream scoops of butter for her potato. But credit where credit’s due: the lamb fries (testicles) are a big hit! Continue reading

Coney I-Lander of Tulsa Named “Best in the World”

It’s not what you think. Readers of the Tulsa World get to vote on their local favorites each year, and this year’s winner in the hot dog category is Coney I-Lander. Get it? Tulsa World? “Best in the World”? Still, it’s good info to know if you find yourself in Tulsa with a hankering for a top-notch coney, here topped with chili, onions, and mustard and, if you ask for it loaded, shredded yellow cheese. The Coney I-Lander began in 1926. Today you’ll find seven locations in and around Tulsa. Tulsa World also recommends sampling the three-way chili. We can’t finish this post without mentioning one of the two non-winner finalists: The Dog House, a truck and carts, featuring the Chong Dog topped with peanut butter, cream cheese, dill pickle, and Sriracha hot sauce! Continue reading

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