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Checking in at: Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough, Noank CT

We had a gorgeous, sunny day for our kind-of-annual visit to Abbott’s on the eastern Connecticut shore. There was once a time, many years ago, when we were able to say that we’d tried everything on Abbott’s menu. No more; they continue to add to their offerings. There’s a steamed artichoke, bowls of pasta, ribs… presumably for fish-frowners dragged here against their will. We sampled the lobster deviled eggs for the first time today: they are fine, the eggs themselves are a little sweet in a Miracle Whip kind of way, and the lobster is totally unnecessary. Which we say about lobster mac ‘n’ cheese as well. Continue reading

Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough, Noank CT


Before we’d ever been to Maine, lobster, to us, was rich man’s food found in white tablecloth restaurants. The first few times we went to a Maine lobster pound we laughed at the incongruity of the single-serving bag of potato chips that always accompanies the cooked critter. After dozens of lobster-in-the-rough meals (lobster-in-the-rough being the Maine term for ultra-casual lobster restaurants served out-of-doors, usually at picnic tables near the shore) we now find it impossible to enjoy Homaris americanus anywhere south of the New England-New York border, and certainly not anywhere we wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing shorts and sandals. Continue reading

?It’s the Most♪Wonderful Time♫Of the Year!

No, not THAT time of the year — we’re talking about opening day at Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough, in Noank CT. Hot steamers, clear chowder, hot lobster rolls and, best of all, steamed lobsters dunked in melted butter, enjoyed in the bright sunshine at a picnic table by the water, with a six-pack of cold microbrew from Universal Package Store up the street — it all began this past Friday. For those of us who do not live near the lobster shacks along the coast of Maine, Abbott’s is the best way we know of to usher in the spring and summer days. Here’s a look at this year’s opening day:

Abbott’s Sets 18 Pound Lobster Free

We like to go to Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough of Noank, CT once each spring, get a giant lobster, and share it. We’ve gone as large as the 5- to 6-pound range, which is A LOT of lobster, probably too much for two hungry lobster lovers. But 18 pounds?! A lobster that large, they say, is probably about 40 years old. It’s quite a sight, and something about a lobster that large seems to make some folks a little sympathetic to its plight (Bruce = sympathy, Sue = dinner time!). Abbott’s, as they do each year, released an 18-pounder into the Long Island Sound on Wednesday. A video of this amazing creature follows: Continue reading

A Little Bit of Coastal Maine in Connecticut

We had our first taste of hot lobster roll many years ago at a place called Abbott’s Lobster In the Rough in Noank, CT. Over the years Abbott’s hot roll seemed to lose something, but we enthusiastically return year after year for sweet steamers with butter, fresh steamed lobster, and superlative steel-gray chowder. It never occurred to us to sample any of the other restaurants in Noank. In fact, were there any other restaurants in Noank? Continue reading

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