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Hash House, Las Vegas NV


For some reason we feel compelled to make this confession whenever we are about to recommend a restaurant for its hash: we like canned hash. OK, not “we”; one of us does (we won’t say which one, but we will say that his wife finds the tightly packed, greasy, cylindrical-shaped substance with an aroma uncomfortably close to dog food to be, how to put this delicately… vile). Hopefully, you’ll take that as an indication of a real love of hash, not a real lack of taste. Because if you trust us, we can direct you to a Las Vegas breakfast jackpot called Hash House, which really is a HASH house. Continue reading

Checking In at: Woody’s Towne Cafe, Allentown NJ

A recent visit to Woody’s turned up some news: Woody sold the place! The sale happened this summer. We met the new owner; seemed like a friendly guy. He also owns a small Mexican place, MAC’s Tex-Mex, down the street. Almost nothing has changed at Woody’s, as far as we could tell. Every table was filled on a Sunday morning at 11 a.m., and nine of us had to wait about 15 minutes to be seated in the small dining room. Waitresses are the same too. Our waitress told us there was some initial concern from the townsfolk as to how much Woody’s would change but that settled down quickly as they realized Woody’s would still be Woody’s. The transition to the new owner has gone smoothly. Continue reading

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