Located in a strip mall. No place to sit; take-out only. They make nothing but hot dogs. Want something on the side? Have a drink and a bag of chips. Nothing else is available. Yet there’s a line of people waiting to pick up their bags of 8, 10, even 12 dogs to go. Service is quick and businesslike at the small counter, but this place, with its quirky personality, does not in any way resemble a chain restaurant.

The dogs are steamed, and the standard garnish includes a pickle spear and chopped onions. Really quite a good combination, and one you can easily reproduce at home, but you don’t. And the price? At last check, $1.10 each. Three or four of them will make a grand lunch, consumed sitting on the benches scattered around the shopping center or off the hood of your car.

2555 Nazareth Road
Easton PA 18045

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BEST THING TO EAT: Hot dog with the works