When some people want to put down a chocolate in the strongest terms possible, they refer to it as “Halloween quality.” Whether you like Halloween candy or not (we do), you know what it means: mass-produced, waxy-textured or grainy, tooth-achingly sweet chocolate that appeals, mostly, to kids. But you know what? All Halloween chocolate ain’t Halloween quality! Here’s one example of a Halloween chocolate novelty that you’ll look forward to devouring the next day: Jacques O’Lanterns.

Made by master chocolatier Jacques Torres in New York City, Jacques O’Lanterns come in dark, milk, and orange-tinted white chocolates. They are all handmade and hand-painted with chocolate, and contain no preservatives, artificial flavors, or anything else that doesn’t belong in the finest quality chocolate. The small ones are $12 and can be shipped. The larger lanterns are too fragile for shipping and must be purchased at one of his New York stores. Unless your last name is Winfrey or Gates we don’t expect you’ll be dropping Jacques O’Lanterns in the kids bags on the 31st.

Jacques Torres Chocolate
350 Hudson Street
New York NY 10014
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