Porter Hardy, former home brewer and attorney, began Smartmouth in Norfolk’s Chelsea district, on the west side, in 2012. It’s still their home base today, and it’s there you can learn more on a Saturday tour. They call the branch in Virginia Beach, which opened three blocks from the ocean at the end of 2017, the Pilot House. While most of the brewing is still done in Norfolk, the Pilot House is set up with a small-scale brewing system to produce experimental and limited edition brews.

The Pilot House sits in an old post office; it still has an aura of its former life.

While Smartmouth does offer some fruited brews, they’ve clearly chosen to head in a different direction than many of their fellow Hampton Roads breweries. Fruit plays a much smaller role at Smartmouth. One of the things they say about themselves: “No gimmicks, no funny business.” Smartmouth brews can be found around Virginia on tap, in cans, and also large 3/4-liter bottles.

313 32nd Street
Virginia Beach VA 23451
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