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HIV Positive Former Cook for ABQ’s Garcia’s Kitchen Sues for Discrimination

One of our favorite breakfast spots in Albuquerque, Garcia’s Kitchen, is being sued for discrimination by a former employee. Pedro Maldonado worked as a cook at the Garcia’s near Old Town (there are seven Garcia’s Kitchens in Albuquerque) in 2014. Mr. Maldonado claims that he was fired after he told his boss he was HIV positive. Garcia’s Kitchen did not comment on this case but stated that they have a policy of not firing employees for serious medical issues. A crowd gathered outside Garcia’s Kitchen Friday night in support of Mr. Maldonado.

Much More Than Chile in Santa Fe

Sure, the you’ll find a blue corn this and roasted poblano that. The ubiquitous green chile cheeseburger (a good one!) can be enjoyed as well. A bit of red chile may even find its way into the occasional sauce or marinade. Just the same, the upscale 33-year-old Santacafé, in Santa Fé, NM, offers so much more than Southwest regional specialties – the menu probably sports as many Asian touches as Southwestern. If you’re visiting The City Different and plan to subsist on more than adovada and green chile (not that there’s anything wrong with that approach!), and don’t mind dressing a little, Santacafé may be just what you’re looking for. Read more about Santacafé in yesterday’s Albuquerque Journal review.

Albuquerque Restaurants Absorbing Soaring Egg Prices

The avian flu has decimated the Midwest egg-laying flock, and the result has been skyrocketing egg prices that are not expected to subside for a year or two. Garcia’s Kitchen, for instance, expects costs, in eggs alone, to increase about $45,000 a year. For now, at least, Albuquerque restaurants like Frontier and Garcia’s are resisting raising menu prices, choosing instead to absorb the increased egg costs. For more on how ABQ restaurants are dealing with rising egg prices, see this Albuquerque Journal story.

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