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Checking In at: Trap Rock Restaurant & Brewery, Berkeley Heights NJ

On April 11th, a fermenter over-pressurized overnight and exploded, rupturing a gas line and blowing through the wall to the outside of the restaurant. Thankfully nobody was injured, and the fire department arrived in time to shut off the gas before it had a chance to ignite. Trap Rock managed to reopen for dinner that night but they have not been able to brew beer since. Repairs to the brewing system are ongoing. This was our first visit to Trap Rock since the accident, and everything seemed as it always was. Continue reading

Checking in at: Trap Rock Restaurant & Brewery, Berkeley Heights NJ

Captain Dunkin’s Scottish Ale is the polar opposite of an IPA: a little sweet, very malty, low hops, and supremely delicious on a frigid evening. One of us also tried a gin and tonic made with gin they make (season) right here. Interesting touch of rosemary. All the food was good or better; Trap Rock is becoming one of our favorite New Jersey restaurants. Continue reading

Checking In at: Trap Rock Restaurant & Brewery, Berkeley Heights NJ

Early Sunday evening visit. We dined at the bar, as we always do. Trap Rock was in top form. Prof. Bob’s Brown Ale is a delicious malt bomb. Kestrel IPA is a crisp, bitter classic American-style IPA. Now if we could only figure out how to get our beer photos to focus. Continue reading

Trap Rock Restaurant & Brewery, Berkeley Heights NJ


We visit brewpubs all over the country but rarely eat in them (and, therefore, rarely write about them). While we love craft brews the food in the pubs is fairly predictable: at best, hearty pub grub like burgers, sausages, fish and chips … Nothing wrong with any of that, mind you, and the execution is generally OK, if you stick to the less ambitious selections. But interesting food? Yawn. Trap Rock is one brewpub that smashes the mold.  Continue reading

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