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The Cornish Miner’s Friend

Cornwall, England had been known for their tin and copper mines for centuries. When the Cornish mining industry eventually declined starting in the mid-19th century, Cornish miners, known as Cousin Jacks, went overseas looking for work in mines all over the globe. And where they went, their famous Cornish pasties followed. The pasties were made by miners’ wives, known as Cousin Jennies. These pasties, a hefty dough-wrapped pocket of meat and potatoes, served as a convenient and calorific meal down in the mines. The pasties are also delicious, which you can find out for yourself if you visit a part of the U.S. that is, or once was, known for mining. Continue reading

The Western Cafe, Bozeman MT


If you’re out for breakfast in Montana, one thing we guarantee you’ll find on the menu are cinnamon rolls, probably made in-house. In our experience, they are as mandatory as biscuits in a Southern cafĂ©, a situation which makes us very happy. We love cinnamon rolls! Continue reading

Willow Creek Cafe & Saloon, Willow Creek MT


The Bozeman, Montana airport not only serves the college town of Bozeman, but is also a popular point of arrival for those planning a trip to Yellowstone. Bozeman is additionally, as far as we can tell, the only destination in Montana to which east coast residents can get a non-stop flight. Whatever the reason you find yourself at Bozeman Yellowstone International, we recommend the following course of action upon arrival: drive about 30 miles west (practically next door in Montana terms) to the tiny town of Willow Creek and dine in a 1910 saloon. Continue reading

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