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Yinzers’ Cheesesteak Sammiches Better’n Philly?

USAToday’s 10Best poll to name Pennsylvania’s best cheesesteak took an unexpected turn, leaving Philly folks crying foul. Everyone knows the best cheesesteaks are found in Philadelphia, but 11 of the 20 cheesesteak candidates were from Philly, while only one came from Pittsburgh. With Philly residents splitting the vote eleven ways, Pittsburgh’s Groove Cheesesteak Co. came out on top. Said Brian Hickey of Philly Voice, “Pittsburgh cheats its way to victory .” Word is that second place finisher Dalessandro’s (of Philadelphia, of course) finished just a handful of votes behind Groove. Dal’s is the quintessential Philly steak joint. But how did Mama’s not make the top ten?


  1. Ralph Melton

    Gregg Pill and Cliff Strutz investigated Groove Cheesesteak Co. recently and concluded that they didn’t measure up to Philadelphia cheesesteaks.

    • Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

      Ralph, that’s actually reassuring. Not that I don’t wish first rate cheesesteaks for you and your lovely bride, but it’s nice to see that regionalism still counts for something. Next thing you know, Dubuque will be named the Jewish deli capital of America!

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