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Mill Springs Mill Annual Cornbread Festival, Monticello KY, May 28th 2016

Have you ever eaten a hoe cake (often spelled as one word, hoecake)? It’s an old-time Southern U.S. specialty. Folks from up north, around Rhode Island, may know them better by the name jonnycakes, but yes, they are essentially the same thing: dried flint corn is ground and mixed with boiling water and salt to form a thick batter, from which corn pancakes are made. Some people like to give them some breeding by enriching the batter with things like wheat flour, eggs, and sugar but if you really want to enjoy them at their corn-focused best, stick with the basic version. They are a rugged taste of a rugged time in America’s past. Continue reading

Poke Sallet Festival, Harlan KY, June 2nd through 4th 2016

Times have changed! Here’s how we began a story about Harlan’s Poke Sallet Festival a decade ago: “Think you make the best poke sallet in Harlan County? Want to pit yourself against Kentucky’s finest poke sallet cooks? Want to know what poke sallet is? Then attend the Poke Sallet Festival in Harlan, Kentucky this week. . . . Poke sallet meals will be available at Jac’s Coffee Shop, Mary’s Country Store, and the Coal Miners Cafe.” Those days (and those three restaurants) are long one. We see no mention of a poke sallet cooking contest on the festival website either. Today, poke sallet serves as more of a regional mascot than an edible at the festival, which focuses on fun and games and entertainment. Continue reading

Adairville Strawberry Festival, Adairville KY, May 14th through May 21st 2016

The 70th annual Strawberry Festival in Adairville, Kentucky began Saturday, and continues through next Saturday (March 21st 2016).  Rides, crafts, and performances by local talent begin today, with live music, crafts, vendors, rides, and the opening of the Strawberry Shoppe (homemade strawberry ice cream, strawberry shortcake!) to follow tomorrow. Continue reading

Blackberry Festival, Carlisle KY, July 1st through 4th 2015

What began in 1946 as the Homecoming, a 4th of July weekend festival for soldiers returning home from World War II, in 1950 was transformed into the peacetime Blackberry Festival in Carlisle, Kentucky (the blackberry became the official state fruit of Kentucky in 2004). Celebrated on Carlisle’s courthouse lawn, the festival features rides, games, a Blackberry Queen, plenty of live music (there’ll be gospel Wednesday night), a Thursday night parade, and fireworks on Friday night. Continue reading

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