Rossi’s Bar & Grill finally moved, this summer, from Trenton, NJ’s Chambersburg neighborhood, leaving just one restaurant remaining of the dozens of Italian restaurants that once lined the streets of the ‘Burg. Rossi’s landed in Hamilton Township, at the site of a former Charlie Brown’s. That didn’t sound promising: the old Rossi’s was an old corner tavern, with a small dining area that seemed almost an afterthought. You entered to a bar, and if there was a crowd, you left your name with the bartender. They’ve tried to keep the basic geometry the same. You still enter at the bar, with the somewhat larger dining room to the right. The bartender can stick to bartending duties as they now have a hostess desk. All the baseball photos and memorabilia made the trip. Everything, of course, looks clean and modern, for better or worse. Continue reading