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One Person Killed in Shooting at Anchor Bar of Buffalo

On a busy Friday night at around 7 p.m. an assailant entered the kitchen of the iconic Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, and, in what the police are calling a targeted shooting, killed an employee of the restaurant and incidentally wounded another employee. The shooter escaped. Police have inspected surveillance tapes and are still searching for the shooter. The Anchor Bar, which is often named as the inventor of the Buffalo wing, was closed yesterday. They plan to reopen today (Sunday).


  1. Paul Warrender

    Crazy, huh? Love the Anchor Bar! Great bar and restaurant with really fun people to drink beer with! They really do make some great wings, even though they act like they invented the chicken. The pizza with cup n’ char pepperoni is pretty great too. I guess the “Suicidal” wing sauce is to die for!

    • Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

      Cup n’ char – gotta love that sip of pepperoni grease – but get it while it’s hot! We may have to add a pizza to our order on our next visit.

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