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Everything, Available Everywhere

When Shake Shack comes to Chicago and Billy Goat goes to Washington, and the Big Apple gets a Garrett’s, and Marshall Field’s is now Macy’s… does it all become less special? Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Tribune takes the opportunity, with the arrival of Shake Shack in the Windy City, to look at the effect of all this regional homogenization.

A Lunch at Sam’s Grill of San Francisco

The San Francisco classic, Sam's Grill, is back in business.

The San Francisco classic, Sam’s Grill, is back in business.

The 1867 restaurant Sam’s Grill, of San Francisco, recently reopened after a three-month remodeling and refreshing job. The reviews are starting to come in. SF Weekly’s Anna Roth finds a throwback menu and a “mature” clientele. She enjoys some of the food but, as she says, the simplicity of some of the dishes is hard to appreciate for younger customers “accustomed to fish sauce, chiles, and the other umami bombs of our generation.”

Free Pizza for Armed Services on Veteran’s Day

Connecticut's Colony Grill is known for their hot oil pizza.

Connecticut’s Colony Grill is known for their hot oil pizza.

The three Connecticut Colony Grills are known for their unique hot oil bar pies. They will also, next week, continue their tradition of offering free pizza on Veteran’s Day to all US military personnel, active or retired. There are Colony Grills in Fairfield, Milford, and Stamford.

Grand Traverse Pie Named Best in Northern Michigan

A wedge of Grand Traverse's finest.

A wedge of Grand Traverse’s finest.

MLive’s reader poll to determine Michigan’s best pie is complete, and the winner in the Northern Michigan and UP region is Grand Traverse Pie Co. The Cherry Hut finished second. MLive will visit the winners of all 11 regions, and a few others, to choose a top ten pies of Michigan list.

Alton Brown Grazes Richmond, VA

Alton Brown's turkey sandwich box lunch from Sally Bell's Kitchen in Richmond, VA

Alton Brown’s turkey sandwich box lunch from Sally Bell’s Kitchen in Richmond, VA

Alton Brown’s live show tour has taken him to Richmond, VA, from where he is posting copious photos of his local culinary exploits, from a turkey sandwich box lunch from Sally Bell’s, complete with homemade potato salad, deviled egg, dessert, and pecan cookie, to Sub Rosa Bakery, where they mill the grain and culture their own yeast. Makes us want to return to Richmond and do some exploring!