What once seemed like a temporary but important setback for Greasy Nick’s — they neglected to renew their liquor license a few years ago — is now permanent. There’s no longer beer, cheap or otherwise, available at the roadside eatery! A can of downscale beer was always as integral to the Greasy experience as the fried onions on the cheeseburger and the soggy corn-on-the-cob swimming in a lake of margarine. If you’re the type who prepares for such things, remember to bring your own, or else go with soft drinks.

The fries are hot and crisp.

Corn-on-the-cob is still as soggy as ever, and is still presented in its yellow lake.

As of 2019

There’s indoor and outdoor seating. Nobody sits indoors.

755 Pelham Road
New Rochelle NY 10805
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