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25 Stone Crab Claws in 14+ Minutes

To mark the long-awaited start to the stone crab season, which begins in Florida on October 15th each year, Keys Fisheries holds a stone crab claw eating contest (open to amateur eaters only). The goal is to eat 25 medium claws in the fastest time. This year’s winner, in the contest held yesterday, consumed his 25 claws in 14 minutes and 20 seconds. Now, to stone crab novices, that may not sound like speed eating, but part of the contest involves cracking the claws to get at the meat, which is no easy task — in restaurants, the claws generally come pre-cracked. Continue reading

Original Marathon Seafood Festival, Marathon FL, March 14th through 15th 2015

Coral and black stone crab claws with mustard sauce… fresh lobster tails… fried fillets of mahi mahi… steamed and spiced Key West pink shrimp… ceviche and fritters of conch… all these prized sea creatures, and many more, are caught locally in the waters around Marathon in the Florida Keys, and they’ll all be available (along with lots of ice-cold beer) at the 39th annual Original Marathon Seafood Festival on March 14th and 15th. If you love fresh, local seafood this is one festival you want to get to eventually. Continue reading

The Florida Stone Crab Harvest Has Begun

With an absence of red tides and tropical storm activity in the area, Florida Keys stone crab fisherman are optimistic for a productive harvest. Unfortunately, prices are expected to be higher than ever. Stone crabs are (if you’re squeamish, cover your eyes) twisted off live crabs, which are then thrown back in the water, where the claws will regrow. Those claws are an expensive Florida delicacy, prized by many seafood aficionados. Currently, at Keys Fisheries‘ restaurant, a pound of jumbos (2-3 per pound) will run you about $37. Continue reading

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