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Bring Banana, Get 1/2-Price Banana Split at Woodside Farm in DE

Woodside Farm Creamery of Hockessin, Delaware (just outside of Wilmington) makes good ice cream. Really good ice cream. From the milk from their own cows. This ice cream is so good that we always get it straight, with no sauces or toppings or whipped cream to interfere with the enjoyment of ice cream perfection. We make one exception to that rule, however. That’s on opening day each spring, when Woodside Farm runs their BYOB special: bring your own banana and get half off a banana split! That happens this Saturday, March 21st. See you there – we’ll be the ones with a whole banana bunch for those sad banana-less souls.

Capriotti’s, Wilmington DE


Turkey sandwiches are a “thing” in Delaware. Oh, sure, you can get a turkey sandwich anywhere. It’s generally made with wet, gelatinous-textured deli turkey, and that’s fine for what it is. But Delaware is different: here, more than anywhere else we’ve been, the turkey often comes from a freshly roasted bird. Continue reading

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