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Villanovan Names Dalessandro’s Top Cheesesteak

A story in the student-run Villanova paper performed a taste test of Philly cheesesteaks. Dalessandro’s was chosen as the best of the four they sampled, which also included Pat’s, Geno’s, and Jim’s (we like all four of these spots but there is stronger competition around the city, guys). They like how Dal’s finely dices the meat, leaves the onions in large pieces, adds a generous smear of Cheez Whiz, and lays it all on the largest roll of the four. (Hopefully, by the time writers Molly and Austin graduate Villanova they’ll have learned the difference between compliment and complement.)

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  1. Sam Oughton

    Graduated Phila Textile in 1968, just down the street. I ate at Dalessandro’s as often as I had money in my pocket. No doubt about the most mouth watering delicious Steak. I happen to know that their hoagies are also excellent. It has a lot to do with the fantastic Italian bread they have used.

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