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The Peppermill Restaurant, Rochester NY


Every good-sized town, in the Northeast at least, needs a dependable diner. Not one of those new-fangled upscale diners with real-restaurant culinary aspirations (though those are fine in their own way), but a regular Joe kind of place, where one can enjoy burgers and club sandwiches, meatloaf and liver and onions, and, best of all, breakfast all day. The food need not dazzle; all that’s necessary is competence and reasonable cleanliness. It’s not, admittedly, a high bar, yet you might be surprised (or not) at how few diners measure up.

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Annual Xmas Giveaway at Home of the Garbage Plate

What began almost a decade ago as a one-off gift giveaway for Christmas has become a holiday tradition in Rochester, New York. This year, almost 700 kids received gifts from Santa at Nick Tahou, best known as the originator of the notorious garbage plate. For some local families, the Tahou gift giveaway IS Christmas. See the WHAM video story of the event: Continue reading

Insider Food Tips for Rochester NY

Ryan Jennings is a Rochester, NY chef, and he discussed his favorite food spots in the Flower City with the local Democrat & Chronicle. It’s always good to get the point of view of someone in the biz, and his recommendations ring true in our ears. Chef Jennings says the meat market Fair Game Food’s signature pastrami sandwich should be a Rochester rite of passage. It can be found in the Rochester Public Market, which, as well, gets a high recommendation from the chef (and from us – it’s a great old-fashioned indoor and outdoor city market). Continue reading

Swan Market, Rochester NY


Who doesn’t love grocery store dining? There’s something especially appealing about sitting amongst the shelves of canned beans and boxes of elbow macaroni while chowing down on a drippy burger or plate of crunchy catfish. We always thought you had to head south to find places like this, until now. The Swan Market is a German meat market/grocery, located in a residential Rochester neighborhood, that offers a bargain lunch four days a week. And the Swan is no Northern knockoff of a Southern tradition; it is thoroughly Rochesterian in character. Continue reading

Highland Park Diner, Rochester NY


As committed diner fans, we don’t require much from them other than OK food and lack of filth. Pretty low standards, admittedly, but for a burger or bacon-and-egg breakfast it’s usually enough. Which is not to say we don’t appreciate a diner that’s either gorgeous or has exemplary eats. And the Highland Park Diner, in the South Wedge section of Rochester, scores on both points. Continue reading

LAF in the A.M. October 31st, 2014

A Morning Menu of Stories We Think You’ll Find Interesting

Maybe Billy Butler Shoulda Had the Brisket

Professional baseball players, on the whole, are a pretty superstitious bunch. If they called their mother and didn’t shave the morning of a win, you can bet Mom will be receiving wake-up calls and that beard will continue to grow as long as the team keeps winning. KC Royals DH Billy Butler had lunch at Joe’s Kansas City Tuesday and the Royals that night proceeded to win game six of the World Series 10-0. Butler had a double and an RBI. So there he was at Joe’s Kansas City again Wednesday, dining on ribs, beans, and Mountain Dew. Unfortunately for Butler and Kansas City fans, Butler singled in four at bats and the Royals lost the final World Series game to the Giants, 3-2. Continue reading

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