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Cheese Curd Festival, Ellsworth WI, June 24th and 25th 2016

Ellsworth is the Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin, so it’s only natural that they would be the home of the annual Cheese Curd Festival. It happens this year on Friday and Saturday, June 24th and 25th, at Ellsworth’s East End Park. What are cheese curds? When rennet is added to milk to make cheese, the milk separates into curds and whey. The whey is drained off, leaving curds, which are pressed into blocks or wheels to start the cheddar cheese process. If you don’t press them into cheddar, you’ve got bite-size nuggets of fresh cheese without any of the bite of aged cheese, boasting fresh dairy flavors and salt, mostly. Their most famous characteristic? They squeak between the teeth when you eat ’em! Continue reading

Dairy Farm Breakfasts, Wisconsin, June 1st through 30th 2016

On June 26th at Fendryk Brothers Farm in Crivits, WI, feast on pancakes, cheese curds, sausages, maple syrup, milk, juice, and ice cream sundaes for $7/$4 kids, then head outside to enjoy the petting zoo, face painting, balloons, kids’ bouncy play area, wagon rides, and music, and view the barns and cattle. At Achenbach’s Hy-View Farms in Eastman on June 4th, dine on pancakes, sausage, cheese curds, cottage cheese, pudding, applesauce, sliced cheese, milk, coffee, milk shakes, and frozen custard, then tour the dairy operation. Those are just two of the dozens of family farms hosting the public for farm breakfasts as part of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board‘s Dairy Days of Summer. Continue reading

Alma Center Strawberry Festival, Alma Center WI, June 24th through 26th 2016

The first Alma Center Strawberry Festival was held way back in 1945, and the local Lions Club upholds the tradition to this day. First thing to know about this three-day party: there’ll be strawberry shortcake! Isn’t that enough? But there’s more: how about brats (this is Wisconsin, after all) and chicken and hot pork sandwiches? Continue reading

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