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Checking in at: Rossi’s Bar & Grill, Hamilton NJ

We began with Mushrooms & Long Hots. Long hots are Italian-style hot green peppers that can vary in heat from a slight nip to explosively hot. It’s fun eating them because it’s like Russian roulette – you never know the punch each pepper is about to deliver until you eat one! The heat doesn’t hit immediately; it takes about 10 seconds to really set in. A couple of these were very, very hot, delicious laid across a slice of Italian bread. Continue reading

Villa Barone, Robbinsville NJ


Dining in Central New Jersey generally offers a choice of Italian, Italian, and… oh, yes, Italian. There are plenty of take-out Chinese restaurants, many mediocre pizzerias, and a light sprinkling of other cuisines but the Italian offerings are overwhelming. So why is it next to impossible to find a decent Italian restaurant around here, especially since Trenton’s Chambersburg district lost its Little Italy identity? We don’t have the answer to that question but there’s no denying that, hard as we’ve tried, we have not found an Italian restaurant around here to call our own, something not very expensive or formal, but with solidly good food. Until we dined at Villa Barone. Continue reading

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