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Checking In at: Woodside Farm Creamery, Hockessin DE

The scenario: two flavors in one cup (or on one cone). The question: is it important to coordinate the flavors? That was the discussion between Sue and Bruce as we exchanged spoonfuls of our cup of lemon coconut topped with peanut butter and jelly. The lemon in the lemon coconut was gentle, evoking the light lemon flavor of lemon cake rather than the tart lemon of, say, lemonade. The jelly in the peanut butter and jelly was strawberry, a better choice than grape, even if it evokes the sandwich less accurately. Continue reading

Woodside Farm Creamery, Hockessin DE


Woodside Farm calls their ice cream “Farm Fresh,” and this is literally true. The ice cream they make and sell is produced from milk provided by the Jersey cows right here on their farm. This ice cream is extraordinarily thick and dense, with an almost chewy texture. It’s not too sweet, and as it warms up it softens rather than melts into a puddle. The milk from the small Jersey cows on this farm is especially rich in butterfat and protein, and the resulting ice cream, no matter which flavor you choose, tastes most of all of dairy richness. This is among the finest ice creams we’ve ever had the pleasure of spooning into, but its creamy intensity might be too overwhelming for daily consumption. Continue reading

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