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Tommy’s Italian Sausage & Hot Dogs, Elizabeth NJ


North Jersey is well known for its great hot dogs, but the fine Italian sausage of the region should not be ignored. We present as example Tommy’s Italian Sausage in Elizabeth, a take-out only storefront that makes its own sausage and serves it up in the same classic configuration as an Italian hot dog, in a split loaf of what’s called pizza bread (like a cross between pita and Italian bread) with fried potatoes, onions, and peppers. The sausage is sliced open and grilled to crustiness, then slipped into the fresh bread. The predominant flavor of this sausage is pork rather than spice, with a satisfying coarse-ground meaty texture. Continue reading

Charlie’s Famous Italian Hot Dogs, Kenilworth NJ


It’s possible to be served an Italian hot dog in the Newark area at a restaurant with more soul, more sass, but few dog houses can compete with the taste of a Charlie’s Italian dog. What makes a Charlie’s dog special is that each item in the sandwich is a little bit, but noticeably, better than at most other places. The hot dogs themselves are more flavorful, the potatoes are superb and crisp, and the onions and peppers are brighter, too. We recommend getting a double. In fact, we always recommend a double when ordering an Italian hot dog. Not only is it easier to eat (you get a 180 degree section of bread, rather than the awkward 90 degrees), but it just feels right, in the same way that getting a double brat in Wisconsin feels more right than a single. Continue reading

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