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Rooster Crow, Rogue River OR, June 24th through 26th 2016

Have a rooster that won’t shut up? Bring him to the town of Rogue River in Oregon on Saturday, June 25th and he might just make you a little spending cash. That’s the date of the 63rd annual Rooster Crow, held since 1953. Each competing rooster is watched for 30 minutes and the one who crows most often is the winner. If you don’t have a farm background you might be surprised to learn that the winning rooster typically crows over 60 times in that half hour. That’s over twice a minute. Imagine living with that outside your bedroom window!

Don’t have a rooster? Don’t let that stop you from competing – you still have two ways to play along. One, we understand that they have a rent-a-rooster booth at the Crow, where you can hire a mercenary rooster for the occasion. Two, even better, there is a human rooster crow competition. Start practicing now! The kickoff event is Friday night’s community center dinner. There’s a 5K run and 2 mile walk, as well as a parade, on Saturday, and a car show on Sunday. There’ll be live music, arts and crafts, and food booths all weekend. For more information, see the festival website.

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  1. Curt

    I was raised in rogue river. So the rooster crow is a weekend for us to s ee. I have sense moved away. 2 hours one way. I still drive it every rooster crow Sunday to see the car show. This year they had nothing but a bunch of people that were walking around in old cowboy gear that were so old it would have been hard for them to drop there canes and draw. No car show. The vendors were packing up at 1 pm as there wasnt any people there. They were upset and we’re saying that is was because there wasn’t a car show. As for me you can guess I will not be driving the 4 hour round trip unless there is going to be a car show. How many years has there been a car show? A great pull. Next year I hope too see the car show, if not I bet there will be alot more people than I who will not drive to see any of it.

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