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Learn to Make Sausage in Cincinnati!

Looking for a special gift for your favorite carnivore? Here’s an idea that we think she or he would love: a sausage-making class at the Avril-Bleh Meat Market in Cincinnati. The class last three to four hours, and during that time you’ll grind, mix, stuff, and link a dozen or more types of homemade sausage. The cost is $125, which sounds pretty reasonable to us for the class but it’s way more reasonable than you think, because you get to take home all the sausage you make! That generally runs between 15 and 18 pounds of links. They also serve everyone a sausage lunch, and you get a t-shirt to boot.

Break down a side of beef in the Avril-Bleh meat cutting class.

Break down a side of beef in the Avril-Bleh meat cutting class.

Or send your meat-lover to a beef-cutting class where, for $250 per person, eight to ten people will break down an entire side of beef into retail cuts, which are then divided among the participants to take home. Avril-Bleh throws in an additional beef tenderloin for each participant. (We can only wonder how these classes got past their insurance carrier.) Sounds like an incredible amount of fun and good eating. If we lived anywhere near The Queen City, we’d sign ourselves up for this in a flash. Call the store at 513-241-2433 for details.

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  1. ilonuba maureen

    May 23, 2016 at 10:09 am

    hi, i am currently in the UK. Really want to be part of your sausage making class.

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