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Have You Tried the Philly Taco Yet?

We first became acquainted with the trend in Washington D.C. with the U Street Taco: get yourself a chili-topped half-smoke at Ben’s Chili Bowl, then walk down the block to a pizza joint which sells giant slices. Wrap the dog in the slice and eat! Now comes the Philly Taco (we think South Street Taco is catchier): wrap a cheesesteak from Jim’s on South Street with a big slice of pizza from Lorenzo’s, also on South Street. Ken Silver of Jim’s figures you’ve got about 2,000 calories of Philly eatin’ right there.

Philly Taco BeerAnd there’s now a Philly Taco beer to drink with it (not from one of Philadelphia’s craft brewers but from a collaboration between brewers from St. Louis and Florida!). Will the trend travel around the country? Italian beef wrapped in pizza in Chicago? Green chile cheeseburgers wrapped in pizza in Santa Fe? Time will tell.


  1. Michele Grasso

    I don’t know if I would want to consume all my daily calories on one meal, but I will admit that this sounds like something I might try once.

    • Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

      30 or 40 years ago I’d be all over it! Today, I’d have a bite or two.

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