We were a little surprised by the Green Mountain Smokehouse. We’d read about it elsewhere and were expecting something more than what we found. The smokehouse has a small retail room, but they’re really geared towards their wholesale business. Oddly, we found very little selection among the smoked sausages. Most of what they offered were fresh, and frozen at that. The aroma was truly intoxicating, however. The kid manning the retail area told us he couldn’t even smell it anymore!

We picked up a package of smoked bacon, some andouille, a large Polish sausage, and some fresh beer brats. Also some smoked cheese. We grilled the sausages later that day. The brats we found to be peculiar-tasting. Our biggest quibble with the smoked sausages: they are too lean and muscular, with a resulting lack of juiciness. Flavor-wise, we found them to be fine if ordinary. The bacon is sliced thinly, and we enjoyed the result but, again, found it to be no better than a good supermarket brand.

The cheese was alright but… It just so happened that friends of ours arrived the same day with some smoked cheddar they’d picked up in a market along the way. The verdict was unanimous: the other smoked cheddar was preferred for its softer texture, more assertive smokiness, and richer cheddar flavor.

We understand that Green Mountain does some contract smoking of the highly-regarded hams from Ragged View Farm of Andover NH. Might be worth checking out!

341 US-5
Windsor VT 05089

LAF TRAK: Left At The Fork (100x82) (50x41)

FOOD: Left At The Fork (100x82) (50x41)

BEST THING TO EAT: Smoked bacon