Fall is prime time for green chile lovers in New Mexico, as that’s when the pods are harvested and roasted. One of the most popular uses for the vegetable is as a garnish on a green chile cheeseburger. There are as many thoughts on what constitutes a proper GCCB as there are GCCB fanatics. Should the chile be whole, chopped, or a sauce? Which should speak loudest, the beef or the chile? Hot or mild? A garnish or a flood? With or without lettuce, tomato, onion, or bacon? We love the GCCB as much as anyone, and our preferences are for hot chile and no other garnishes to dilute the chile flavor. And we think the chile is more important than the meat.

Juliet White of menuism has posted a story detailing five of her favorite GCCBs in Santa Fe. While she doesn’t rank them, it’s clear from the text that John and Bonnie Eckre’s version at Santa Fe Bite wins her highest seal of approval. The Eckres used to be the masters behind the fabled GCCB at the dearly departed Bobcat Bite. For those who have tried it, is it true that the Eckres use Swiss cheese, as Ms. White indicates? That bold move borders on impudence! Does it work?