The story goes like this: there was a paperwork mix-up between the Chicago hot dog stand Wiener’s Circle and the Illinois Department of Revenue. The owners, who purchased the restaurant late last year, say it involves paperwork from the previous owners. The result? The Department of Revenue said The Wiener’s Circle Certificate of Registration was revoked and, therefore, they could not open for the day (yesterday) or, to be more precise, they could not open for business.

A "paperwork mix-up" closed The Wiener's Circle for the day.

A “paperwork mix-up” closed The Wiener’s Circle for the day.

The Wiener’s Circle responded by opening anyway. How did they get away with it? They gave the food away! Anyone who showed up could get a free hot dog, fries, and soda, while supplies lasted. Supposedly they’re allowed to open for business again today.