“Brown Eggs Are Local… And Local Eggs Are Fresh.” So says the website of the Central Maine Egg Festival. We guess that rule applies to Central Maine; don’t know if that’ll work in the rest of the country. Anyway, the town of Pittsfield, in Maine, is host to the egg fest, which begins Monday the 13th and will continue through Saturday the 18th.

The World's Largest Frying Pan will be used for Saturday's breakfast.

The World’s Largest Frying Pan will be used for Saturday’s breakfast.

One of the festival’s claims to fame is “The World’s Largest Frying Pan.” It has a ten-foot diameter, weighs 300 pounds, and was Teflon coated by DuPont. The pan is used each year for the Saturday morning Early Bird Breakfast: eggs, ham, toast, beans (you know you’re in northern New England!), juice, milk, and coffee. Which came first? Chicken or egg? In central Maine, the answer is egg: the traditional chicken BBQ is 12:30 p.m. Saturday.

Last year's 3rd place cheesecake winner.

Last year’s 3rd place cheesecake winner.

Also on tap: parades, art shows, Maine crafters and artisans, live performers, a carnival, sidewalk art, a dog costume contest, fireworks…  See the festival website for more info.