If you grew up a Creole in 19th-century New Orleans, you likely enjoyed one of the biggest feasts of the year following Christmas Eve midnight mass. All the stops were pulled out for these multi-course meals, called reveillons, which traditionally featured the finest the family could afford. Such celebrations virtually died out by the middle of the 20th century as kitchen staffs for private homes became a thing of the past for all but a very few. Over the last couple of decades, however, a reveillon revival has taken place in New Orleans, centered in restaurants for the month of December.

Drum Piquant with Hot-and-Hot Shrimp, a spicy dish inspired by Birmingham's Hot and Hot Fish Club. Not pictured: the sweet-and-hot pitcher of habanero drizzle.

Grilled Fish Piquant with Hot-and-Hot Shrimp, an Upperline signature dish, will be on this year’s reveillon menu.

Dozens of the city’s top restaurants host reveillon dinners, typically of four or more courses. For instance, four courses at Galatoire’s, for the very reasonable price of $45, will be available through Christmas Eve. The reveillon menu will feature items like Fried Oysters with Spinach Rockefeller and Hollandaise, and Sautéed Drum with Roasted Eggplant, Saffron Sauce, and Rouille. Or head to Commander’s Palace for their eight-course reveillon extravaganza ($110). Check out the full list of restaurants presenting a reveillon dinner, along with the menu details, at this website.