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America’s Top Dozen Donuts

This past winter we popped into Frangelli’s Bakery in Philadelphia to try their donnoli — that’s a donut filled with cannoli cream. Alas, they were out, and we returned home with a fine selection of “regular” donuts, which included a dossant (like the trademarked Cronut). Little did we know at the time that their jelly donuts are a force to be reckoned with. Frangelli’s jellies were just named one of America’s top 12 donuts by The Huffington Post (full disclosure: the story’s writers are from Philly). Continue reading

Texas-Size Donuts

Round Rock Donuts, north of Austin, has been frying ’em up since 1926. They have as cultish a following around here as Krispy Kreme has in other parts of the country. One member of the cult, apparently, is Mary G. Ramos, who writes fondly of Round Rock donuts for The Dallas Morning News: “[T]hey . . . make wonderful, yeasty, glazed doughnuts that have a rich yellow color from the fresh eggs that are used in them, as they were used in the original recipe.” By the way, we’ve actually shared one of those Texas-sized donuts. We’d estimate that it contains about 8-10 donuts worth of dough. But how do they make them? Continue reading

Top Cheap Eats in US and Canada

Urbanspoon just released their list of Top Cheap Eats in major cities across the U.S. and Canada. Hut’s Hamburgers and Round Rock Donuts were named in Austin, TX, while Gene & Jude’s and their hot dogs were chosen for Chicago. Some other favorites of ours: Shake Shack and Burger Joint in NYC, Peters’ Drive-In in Calgary, and the two noted Montreal bagelries, Fairmount and St-Viateur. Check out the full list here. Continue reading

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