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Checking In at: Lou’s Steak Shop, Norristown PA

The Chris half of ayersian and Bruce are sitting at the counter, waiting for their cheesesteak and zep, when an elderly gentleman approaches the register. Says the woman at the register, loud enough for half the place to hear: “Next time you decide to use the ladies room, put the seat down!” It sounds meaner on the page than it really was. They obviously have a history. That’s life at Lou’s. There’s no such thing as anonymity. Unlike at that Italian chain, when you’re here, you really are treated like family! Continue reading

Lou’s Steak Shop, Norristown PA


We’re sitting at the counter enjoying our sandwiches when the cook addresses the old man eating soup and crackers to our left: “You doin’ OK? Are these people bothering you?” He motions toward us. The man smiles and continues spooning into his bowl of soup. “What kind of shake you got?” Now he’s talking to us. Our waitress fixed us a superlative chocolate shake. He scrunched up his face. “I only like banella shakes. You know banella? The little kids down the street, they come in here asking for banella, now they got me saying it.” Continue reading

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