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Mastoris, Bordentown NJ


Everyone seems to have done their best to keep this fact hush-hush but Mastoris was sold a couple of years ago to Jimmy Manetas, owner of their neighboring diner, Town & Country. Unfortunately, the new ownership has not, in our experience, been good for Mastoris. The most readily visible sign of change is in those cinnamon and cheese breads at the start of the meal. One, they don’t always arrive if you don’t ask for them and, two, they have been made smaller. More importantly, we’ve had some problems with the food since the transfer, serious enough that we have stopped going to Mastoris, at least for the time being. Here’s hoping that they straighten things out and return to their former glory. What follows is our review of the pre-sale version of Mastoris: Continue reading

The American Coffee Shop Waitress

It’s surely not too early to be thinking about gifts for the holiday season. Here’s one for your friends and family who appreciate LAF (Left At the Fork)-style dining: Counter Culture: The American Coffee Shop Waitress, by Candacy A. Taylor. Ms. Taylor, a former waitress herself, has spent years collecting stories from, and photographing, career waitresses at coffee shops, truck stops, and diners across America. You can see a sample from the book at The Guardian. Place your order here. Continue reading

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