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Cozy Dog: “Like Stepping into a Route 66 Museum with Food”

Has anyone ever traveled the full length of old Route 66 and not paid a visit to Cozy Dog in Springfield, IL? “Oklahoma Joe” Hight, columnist for The Journal Record of Oklahoma City, traveled the route home from Chicago and made the obligatory Cozy pilgrimage, which he said was “like stepping into a Route 66 museum with food.” There were signs and memorabilia, maps and guides, old gas pumps and a library… and Cozy Dogs, which were inspired by founder Ed Waldmire’s visit to Oklahoma, where he spied hot dogs baked in corn bread. Mr. Waldmire came up with the idea of impaling them on a stick, and the Crusty Cur, later Cozy Dog, was born. Read Joe Hight’s column here.

Joe Rogers’ Chili of Springfield IL Sold

Looks like Marianne Rogers has finally figured out a way to retire for good! The Chili Parlor, of Springfield, Illinois, was founded by Marianne’s father, Joe Rogers, on New Year’s Eve in 1945, and came into her possession in 1973. She’s twice sold the chili parlor but, seeing as she was doing the financing for the buyers, twice she regained ownership. This time, the sale is for real – no backsies. Roy and Stephanie Beal take ownership outright on December 1st, and ownership includes the 70-year-old chili recipe. The Beals say nothing whatsoever, including the customers’ choices of heat and grease levels, will be changed.

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