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Bisbee Breakfast Club Expanding in Tucson

Bisbee Breakfast Club started in the small town of Bisbee, AZ, just north of the Mexican border. The little breakfast spot proved so successful that it was sold in 2011, soon after which the new owners opened a second spot in Tucson, followed in 2014 by a third location outside of Phoenix, in Mesa. The concept must be working because the Bisbee is opening two more restaurants, both in Tucson. The spot at 4811 East Sunrise Drive, which will have a walk-up coffee window that will remain open after the restaurant’s 2 p.m. closing, should be up and running very shortly, while the restaurant at 2936 East Broadway Boulevard will be serving breakfast by August or September.

Coffee Passion

We have our share of food pet peeves. One of them is flavored coffee. We despise the smell. We reject the taste. We like the taste of coffee, so we want our coffee to taste like coffee. Seth Appell, the man behind Old Bisbee Roasters of Bisbee, Arizona, is our kind of coffee man. He trades in small farm, single origin coffees, roasting each batch to bring out the unique flavors hidden in the green beans. He doesn’t do hazelnut or pumpkin pie coffee. In fact, most of his coffees aren’t even blends. Read more about this unique individual, and his special relationship with the bean, in this Sierra Vista Herald story.

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