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Best Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys

A more than decent Key lime pie can be made with regular supermarket limes, but if you want to experience the pie at its transcendent best, try one made with the very rare Key limes. The best place to do that is, naturally, in the Florida Keys. Here are six of the best Key lime pies to be found in the Keys, in all sorts of styles. Some are topped with meringue, some with whipped cream. At some of these places you can get a frozen wedge on a stick dipped in a chocolate shell and, at one, you can have your pie deep-fried. Us, we’ll stick to the straight wedge, unfried and unfrozen.


  1. Jon Battle

    I’ve been to Kermit’s and loved it – also been to Blue Heaven but for pancakes, not Key Lime.

    • Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

      Yep, Blue Heaven makes great pancakes, too!

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