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Swan Market, Rochester NY


Who doesn’t love grocery store dining? There’s something especially appealing about sitting amongst the shelves of canned beans and boxes of elbow macaroni while chowing down on a drippy burger or plate of crunchy catfish. We always thought you had to head south to find places like this, until now. The Swan Market is a German meat market/grocery, located in a residential Rochester neighborhood, that offers a bargain lunch four days a week. And the Swan is no Northern knockoff of a Southern tradition; it is thoroughly Rochesterian in character. Continue reading

America’s Top 21 Hot Dogs

A best hot dog list apparently is released on a daily basis. Why? Because people love ’em – hot dogs AND best lists. We read them not only to see what they have to say about our favorites (the yellow-relish-topped deep-fried rippers from Rutt’s Hut of Clifton, NJ appears on today’s list in question) but to pick up on the new, unfamiliar joints (Luscher’s of Dallas, TX, from a fancy-pants chef). You’ll also find coneys, Sonoran dogs, half-smokes, and dogs topped with SpaghettiOs on the list. Have at it!

Greater Gulf State Fair, Mobile AL, October 30th through November 8th 2015

What began in 1955 as a civic project by the Mobile Junior Chamber of Commerce has over the decades grown into today’s Greater Gulf State Fair, Alabama’s largest fair (still run by volunteers from the Jaycees). The Greater Gulf, for those unfamiliar with the region, refers to South Alabama, Northwest Florida, and Southeast Mississippi, all, of course, along the Gulf of Mexico. This year’s theme: ““Lions, Tigers, The Fair , Oh My!”. Continue reading

Steve’s Pig & Ox Roast, Lackawanna NY


When they say Pig & Ox Roast, they’re not kidding (well, they are kidding just a little: they roast beef, not oxen, which are actually the same creature, the latter being trained and used as draft animals). Check out the long window along one side of the dining room, through which you can inspect the huge roasting contraption. If you come at the right time, you’ll see the hunks of meat (which include lamb and turkey, too) slowly becoming the stuff of which these fine sandwiches are made. Continue reading

Where Do Sante Fe Chefs Eat?

We always enjoy stories about the restaurants chefs visit when they’re off the clock. And we love dining in Santa Fe. So we’re fans of the Santa Fe Reporter’s The Food Chain series, in which a chef talks about her favorite place in town to eat, and then they ask the chef of that restaurant for his favorite spot in town, and so on. This week the chain begins at Anasazi Restaurant, an upscale restaurant which we can highly recommend. Anasazi’s chef, Juan Bochenski, likes to eat burgers at Cowgirl BBQ. Continue reading

The State Fair of Louisiana, Shreveport LA, October 22nd through November 8th 2015

You’d be forgiven for assuming that The State Fair of Louisiana is a festival of Cajun and Creole cookery. Yes, a few representatives from the southern bayous will be served, but take note that the fair is held in Shreveport, in the northwest corner of the state, near Arkansas and Texas. Note, as well, that musical performances will include David Allan Coe, if that means anything to you (if not, and you’re interested, Google his name with the word underground). In other words, this fair is more redneck than Cajun. Continue reading

Saltsman’s Hotel, Ephratah NY


If it’s spring, it’s milkweed time in Ephratah! Would you like to sample one of the more esoteric American regional specialties? Then head to Saltsman’s Hotel in late May or early June to try some verdant milkweed. Continue reading

Savenor’s Butcher Shop, Cambridge MA


Savenor’s Butcher Shop of Cambridge, MA is not listed on any “Best Burger in Boston” list. You won’t find it on one of those sprawling “Best Burgers in New England” lists from some obscure blog that pops up on your Facebook feed. They don’t even have the best burger in America. What they do have, however, is this: Savenor’s has the best burger in the universe. And it’s only available on Fridays (and now Saturdays) from noon to 3 p.m. Continue reading

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